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Artsy Fartsy teaches inspiring classes for creative and curious people.

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  • Kids Thanksgiving Craft - October 1st 11:30 AM - Riverlodge Activity Room
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6 Reasons why you should start to paint in an Artsy Fartsy painting class:

Therapeutic Benefits

Painting is incredibly relaxing and can help reduce your stress levels. While painting, you’ll be able to focus specifically on what you are creating and let everything else go. This has a similar effect on your body as meditation. The result is a positive mindset and a different outlook on the world around you.

Unleashed Creativity

Believe it or not, we all have the makings of a creative genius inside us. Unleashing your creativity allows you to expand your abilities and gain self confidence. The joy of painting comes less from the quality of the painting and more from the satisfaction of creating something amazing yourself. After all, art is an expression of your personality and creativity, which is what makes each piece unique.

Concentration & Perseverance

Creating a painting from start to finish takes time and dedication. During this process mistakes and challenges are constantly being made and overcome. Pushing through this helps improve your ability to concentrate and persevere through new challenges. Taking on a new painting can feel daunting at first, but it’s a highly gratifying experience that will have you wanting more.

Love of Learning & Creativity

Art develops a willingness to explore what has not existed before. Art teaches risk taking, learning from ones mistakes, and being open to other possibilities. Kids who are creative are also curious and passionate about knowing more.

Art Builds Community

Art reaches across racial stereotypes, religious barriers, and socio-economical levels and prejudices. Seeing other culture’s creative expression allows everyone to be more connected and less isolated – “see how we are all related.” Art creates a sense of belonging.

Awakens the Senses

Art opens the heart and mind to possibilities and fuels the imagination. Art is a process of learning to create ourselves and experience the world in new ways. Arts support the bigger picture view of life: beauty, symbols, spirituality, storytelling, it also helps us step out of time allowing one to be present in the moment. Art keeps the magic alive.

Start your artistic journey with us now


We host events virtually so you don’t have to leave your house. Join the virtual classes with your own supplies following the teacher over video.


Never held a paint brush before? No worries – we’ve got you covered. Most of our attendees are beginners so you’ll fit right in.


Artsy Fartsy is now selling painting kits in Calgary. Pick up in Harvest Hills or connect with Katrina to meet somewhere closer to your area.


Kat is not only a talented artist, but she is a phenomenal teacher. The kindness, patience, and warmth she employs to every class and to every student makes every experience nothing short of fantastic. Amazing atmosphere and really great vibes. I will ask anyone reading this to only attend one, because that’s all you’ll need to want to attend more.

Aditya Chaudhuri

Katrina’s paint classes are really awesome. I have attended a few sessions, she is an excellent teacher and artist who is patient and encouraging to others as well. Her paint classes gives me a great deal of joy and I look forward to attending more of her painting events in the future.

Bharath Gopal

I have attended Katrina paint night and paint day events. Katrina an amazing host. She takes you on a journey painting. She encourages all. Do not feel intimidated on your craft. Everyone has their own unique way expressing themselves you’ll be amaze what you can accomplish. All creations are amazing.

Tina Lightfoot

Katrina is an amazing art teacher. I had attended paint nights for a couple of years before Katrina started teaching, and I found that the quality of my painting is considerably improved with her teaching style. Her classes are fun, well organized and an overall good time. I recommend that you try out one of her kids classes for a great experience!

Ramone Kindrat

“We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents”

-Bob Ross