Meet Kat, your Local Paint Night Teacher

Kat Art Teacher in KitimatHey Everyone,

Join me for a fun painting or craft class to expand your creativity, try something new or for a fun event with your children. Paint nights are for all levels, however; most of my classes are intended for beginners and those who've never picked up a paint brush before. I will instruct you by a step-by-step process using acrylic paints over a two-hour period throughout different location in Kitimat. Private in person sessions are also available within Kitimat.
I believe art reaches across racial stereotypes, religious barriers, and socio-economical levels and prejudices. Seeing other culture’s creative expression allows everyone to be more connected and less isolated. My superpower is being able to bring people together & show them they can have a great time through art & creativity. I'm currently working on creating an art community within Kitimat for who ever is interested in expanding their knowledge and creativity. Art creates a sense of belonging, opens the heart and mind to possibilities and fuels the imagination.